East Derry Village Improvement Society

Upper Village Hall Project Mission Statement

The East Derry Village Improvement Society (EDVIS) is a group of concerned Derry residents committed to saving Derry's Upper Village Hall. The group recognizes the important social, historical and architectural value of the Upper Village Hall. EDVIS advocates for the private restoration of this building and its return to use in our community.      


The Society is a recognized nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1902 by area residents to preserve and support the local history and culture. Supported by the membership and donations, the Society has had a long standing relationship with the Upper Village Hall as the guardian for its care and management.

EDVIS has documented the history of Derry and saved many artifacts for future generations. In 2009 EDVIS purchased the largest possible historical artifact when it bought the Upper Village Hall from the Town of Derry. Someone equated the Hall to a 135 year old and said, "There are just so many coats of lipstick one can put on before it starts to sag."  We have taken the building to its bare bones and it has been examined by Richard Monahon, AIA who is a structural and historical architect. Mr. Monahon has declared that the building the core structure is solid and ready to serve the community for another one hundred years. Mr. Monahon is a vital member of our team (http://monahonarchitects.com).  The building needs many thousands of dollars in restoration, infrastructure improvements and buildout expenses.

2014 Officers & Board of Directors

Paul Dionne - President
Paul Doolittle - Vice-President
David Milz - Treasurer
Brad Benson - Secretary
Arthur Caras - Director
Beverly Ferrante - Director
Ernie Osborn - Director